Current climate changers

Jacky Troch

Our first gold member, Jacky Troch sponsors between €25 000,00 and €100 000 each year! Jacky can proudly call himself a forest keeper, funding an area of more than 100 hectares.

Jacky Troch

Faja Lobi Café - Bed & Breakfast

Our second gold member, Faja Lobi Café & Bed and Breakfast sponsors between €25 000,00 and €100 000 each year! Together they fund an area of more than 100 hectares.

Faja Lobi Cafe & B&B


Our third gold member, Showpad sponsors €20 000,00 each year. With this money, an area of 40 hectares get reforested every year.


Soil and Waste Solutions

Soil and Waste Solutions sponsors €10 000,00 each year. Thanks to our first silver member, an area of 20 hectares will be reforested each year.

Soil and Waste solutions

VZW Sol Suffit

VZW Sol Suffit sponsored a total amount of €12 000,00. This silver member funded the reforestation of 24 hectares.

Sol Suffit

Speakers Academy sponsors €1000,00 every year. In total they funded the reforestation of 4 hectares.

Speakers Academy

The Belgian Federal Public Service of Environment sponsored €80 000.

FPS Environment

VLM (Vlaamse Landmaatschappij) sponsors €1250,00 every year.


Ecofest sponsors €1000,00 every year.


The Belgian province of East-Flanders sponsored €7000.

Oost Vlaanderen


Macharius-Heirnis' is the district in Ghent where Jurgen Heytens used to live. In conjunction with some local residents, schools, ‘de Buren van de Abdij’ and with the formal 11.11.11 committee, it was decided to reforest an area equal to the size of the district ‘Macharius-Heirnis’. This means that a residential area of 50 hectares has been compensated by reforesting this surface in Congo.Macharius-Heirnis challenges other residential areas to do compensate their own ecological footprint. Contact us, so we can try to convince your neighboorhood together!

Belgian cities and communities

The following cities/communities supported the project:

Ghent: €4000
Wevelgem: €2500
Evergem: €2300
Melle: €1500

Doctor Nachtergaele

Doctor Nachtergaele sponsored €5000.

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