the Scene

Faja Lobi’s goal is to reforest 50.000 hectares close to Idiofa in the near future.

Faja Lobi operates near the city of Idiofa (Bandundu - DR Congo). The traditional method of farming all over Congo involves cutting and burning of forests and vegetation. This way farmers get clean pasture land to grow their crops on. After the soil is depleted of its nutrients, farmers burn adjacent areas for farming and hunting purposes. This behaviour results in soil erosion and the disappearance of native vegetation. Faja Lobi convinces local farmers of the environmental and economical benefits of reforesting their land.
The organization signs for a long term cooperation with local communities. Too often development aid organizations use a hit-and-run strategy, where the aiding partner leaves the scene without looking back at what the consequences of their decisions have been. They run quickly out of funds because most of the money is spent on consultancy activities. Faja Lobi deliberately decides against this and spends it's money on growing and planting trees. The progress of our work can be seen on the map below.